Professional training and qualification-providing training programmes

Since 2002, Neptune RH has been working hard to develop professional training solutions which abide by current regulations and provide trainees with documented qualifications. We assist our clients with their in-house training and budget optimisation, and also help them meet their legal obligations in terms of human resources (employee interviews, the CPE professional training credits). .


Career development for employees (learning to use new software, team management, retail training, logistics, etc.)

Professional integration (short-term training programmes using the CIPI model (temporary professional integration contract) and the CDPI model (temporary career development contract)) or professional training contracts. These training plans are specially adapted to the needs of companies and organisations, and also to the various professional integration problems encountered by the public.

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Our teams use a variety of personality tests in addition to a more traditional approach. The main benefit of these recruitment tests is that they are fully objective in comparison

The traditional approach
Definition of the position’s profile, CV sourcing, Telephone pre-interview, Face to face or video-conference interview, Professional references, Application summary, Decision-mak

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Alors que l’on assiste à une individualisation croissante des rémunérations, avec une part plus importante accordée aux primes, déterminer une politique de rémunération just
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Même si le recrutement doit rester une affaire de relations humaines, les recruteurs d’aujourd’hui comprennent l’importance des réseaux sociaux et l’impact qu’ils ont sur
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Communiqué de presse de juin 2016
Neptune RH se développe dans la région PACA avec l'ouverture d'un ca

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