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Recruitment tools

Our teams use a variety of personality tests in addition to a more traditional approach.

The main benefit of these recruitment tests is that they are fully objective in comparison to the personal evaluation – which is always subjective – that occurs when the recruiter meets the applicant.

These tests are not used systematically. They are only used when we need to confirm certain aspects of an applicant’s personality (this is highly effective, as it enables us to uncover information which is either difficult to deduce or simply impossible to guess).

Our selection of tests

We use a range of tests which have been developed by recognised and specialised platforms.

Thanks to a partnership with a platform, our consultants can choose a recruitment assistance tool according to their needs.

These tools focus on :Evaluation pour nos recrutements en hautes compétences

Emotional intelligence
Interest and motivation
Culture, language and communication


The Rainbow Method

Beyond merely using testing platforms, we are also certified to use Rainbow profiles (Marilyne Paul).

This original four step model offers optimal effectiveness :

- Knowing yourself better in terms of your strengths and weaknesses, both personally and professionally,

- Being more flexible and growing while remaining aware of your limits,

- Better recognising other people (colleagues, collaborators, managers) and their personal and professional strengths and weaknesses.

- Taking into account your situation.

 Video of rainbow method :





« The most difficult art is not in the choice of men, but in giving to the men chosen the highest service of which they are capable » (Napoléon Bonaparte)


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Since 2002, Neptune RH has been working hard to develop professional training solutions which abide by current regulations and provide trainees with documented qualifications. We

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