The direct approach

Thanks to our highly experienced consultants, our agency can offer all of our skills and expertise to directly approach executives, experts and directors; whether they are based in France or abroad (our network is active in Romania, Poland and Portugal).

We guarantee access to the best possible applicants thanks to our bespoke approach to recruitment, with a firm emphasis on ethics, confidentiality and quality.

Neptune RH is with you over the long term, using our detailed and comprehensive understanding of each of our clients’ needs to ensure satisfaction. Our company relies on an experienced team of consultants from a variety of sectors and industries, all of them specialists in their field.


Gaêl Maignan outlines our "Executive Search" offer, which is based on the following points :

•  Tracking and selecting potential applicants
•  Applicant research and selection in France and abroad
•  Guiding applicants through the various opportunities on offer
•  Coordinating the participants in the recruitment process
•  Full transparency in our research
•  A guarantee of absolute confidentiality
•  Staying close and advising our clients


« The art of success consists of surrounding yourself with the very best »
(John F. Kennedy)


About us

It all began when when several associates, first met. They all shared the same drive and determination to succeed by placing people, customer service and close relationships at the

Since 2002, Neptune RH has been working hard to develop professional training solutions which abide by current regulations and provide trainees with documented qualifications. We

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Communiqué de presse de juin 2016
Neptune RH se développe dans la région PACA avec l'ouverture d'un ca

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