Neptune RH: our story…

“It all began when several associates first met. They all shared the same drive and determination to succeed by placing people, customer service and close relationships at the top of their priorities.”

To preserve and promote these values, the four associates came together to develop a project that would offer a global human resources service. The result was Neptune RH, which was founded in December 2002.

For the first decade, the agency developed by focusing on the construction industry, driven by the expertise of the associate directors, and expanded its reach over the country. The workforce grew and grew, with Neptune RH branches springing up across France.

The next step forward came in 2013, with Neptune RH taking in specialists from other industries and branching out into the industrial, ICT, retail, service and aeronautics sectors.


Neptune RH: what we do…

The Neptune RH teams are on hand to recruit a wide range of different profiles for our clients :

  • Employees, technicians and supervisors
  • Managers
  • Highly qualified and rare profiles

The majority of our clients are specialist companies in the construction, public-sector works, industrial, ICT, retail, service and aeronautics sectors.


Neptune RH: offering added value…

Neptune RH’s skills and expertise aren’t limited to recruitment. We also offer short- and long-term professional coaching and qualification-providing training programmes for your personnel.

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About us

Since 2002, Neptune RH has been working hard to develop professional training solutions which abide by current regulations and provide trainees with documented qualifications. We

With 23 years of experience working in human resources for the leading group in the field, our certified coach (Marilyne PAUL) operates both in mainland France and overseas territo

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Communiqué de presse de juin 2016
Neptune RH se développe dans la région PACA avec l'ouverture d'un ca

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